Alice Adams, RN, LNCC, CNLCP - Atlanta Legal Nurse

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"Alice's work is as insightful as it is proficient. She understands how the legal concepts relate to the nursing/medical issue she is analyzing. You can't teach that. You either get it or you don't. Alice gets it." Eric Z., Esq., Phila, PA - Feb 7, 2015

"Alice's review and evaluation of medical records has been invaluable in a number of litigated matters. I highly recommend her to my colleagues." Lynn R., Esq., Atl, GA - Feb 12, 2009

"Alice is very diligent with her review of medical records and her recommendations on files. I trust her opinions and her expertise. I highly recommend Alice as a consultant. S.R., Esq., Burns Law Firm, Atl, GA - Apr 11, 2011


Alice M. Adams, RN LNCC

Legal Nurse Consultant to attorneys for personal injury, chronologies, merit assessments, cost projections, medical malpractice,

Dealing with Daubert Attorneys are the legal experts.

But nurses serve an important role in fact-finding, researching, determing deviations of the SOC, and knowing what type of expert is needed.

It’s the little things Medical Cost Projections

These projections are often confused with Life Care Plans. An MCP estimates future medical care in non-catastrophic cases, and can supplement MSA's.

Not all data is relevant Medical Chronologies

A chronology is not a transcription of facts. It must identify essential data, avoid minutiae, and ensure that all critical information is captured.

"Alice has an eye for detail that, when combined with her desire to provide the best possible service, assures that the services are timely, expert and helpful. In those matters on which I have worked with Alice, I have been impressed with her candor, the dispatch with which she handles her cases and the final product which she produces." Kevin S., Esq., Atlanta, March 22, 2012

"On a broad range of matters involving serious medical-legal issues over the past five years, I have had the pleasure to consult with Alice Adams. She does an excellent job of making sense from the nonsensical and finding a clear path to an answer. The consultations I have with Alice are challenging problematic matters, not the routine repeating fact patterns. She is not only a very competent professional, but one knowledgeable of how to successfully interface with other professionals in the field." Stephen C., Esq., September 14, 2011