The only consultations I have with Alice are challenging

On a broad range of matters involving serious medical-legal issues over the past five years, I have had the pleasure to consult with Alice Adams. I have worked with similar consultants, both in-house and outside this firm, and therefore have a valid basis of comparison.

She provided an eleventh hour consultation in a high profile bus accident with thirty-four injured and seven killed, and found the time to do this important work and do it well.

I also involved Alice in a series of environmental injury cases, which are always difficult to evaluate inasmuch as the symptoms claimed are so vague and ubiquitous. She did an excellent job making sense from the nonsensical and finding a clear path to an answer.

These and other cases have involved being part of a “team” which includes not only lawyers but also medical doctors, psychologists, engineers, economists, vocational, and environmental and health professionals. Her written work product, while necessarily technical, is suitably augmented with pictograms, references and the like, to permit better understanding.

The only consultations I have with Alice are challenging problematic matters, not the routine repeating fact patterns. She is not only a very competent professional, but one knowledgeable of how to successfully interface with other professionals in the field.

Stephen C., Esq., September 14, 2011

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