About Alice

Alice M. Adams, RN, LNCC, MSCC, CNLCP

I am a registered nurse and I have had the pleasure of helping attorneys and patients with their medical cases since 2006.

My hospital experience includes six years in a medsurg ICU, one year in orthopedics and one year in an outpatient Family Practice teaching clinic. I have managed a psychological practice on a part-time basis for 30 years, and have analyzed the medical records of >5000 injured workers.

My job as a legal nurse is to analyze complex medical issues and help attorneys understand and manage the medical component of their cases.  This includes in-depth research and analysis and chronologies of medical records. This type of attorney work-product is confidential.

In 2013, I obtained Board certification as an LNCC (Legal Nurse Consultant Certified). The LNCC® program is the only certification recognized by the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS).  The LNCC credential requires a minimum 2000 hours of LNC work (in my case, >6000 hours) and a four-hour exam that measures knowledge of medical and legal concepts in a wide range of settings.

I construct Medical Cost Projections for use in settlement negotiations. These “MCP”s are based upon the recommendations of the treating physician and supported by authoritative guidelines. MCP’s are typically utilized to project costs for a specific condition or procedure. I include a summary of medical records, CPT coding and pricing from current the PMIC (civil cases) or State Bd Fee Schedule (workers compensation). A Medical Cost Projection is not as comprehensive as a Life Care Plan.

I am a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner through the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners. In this capacity I evaluate the lifelong needs of patients with catastrophic injuries or illnesses. I utilize 250 nursing diagnoses and plan interventions to help ensure that costs of care are properly evaluated.

Additionally, I hold a certification in Medicare Set-aside Arrangements (MSCC) through NAMSAP.


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Education & Licensure

CNLCP – Certified Nurse Life Care Planner
LNCC – Legal Nurse Consultant, Board Certified
MSCC – Medicare Set Aside Certified Consultant
BBA (Business Administration w/minor in Behavioral Science)

Medical Consultant for the Lifeline Capital Program
Item writer – American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Bd
Medical Reviewer for the Garretson Group, 9/11 Allocation Fund